One Act Plays

Gate 48B

A comedy about when airport security goes too far.

Three characters,:1 F, 2 M


A comedy about a Lamaze class gone wrong when some rainbow children arrive to convince the instructor to come back with them to the commune.

Six characters: 4 F, 2 M

Turtle Love Song: An Epitaph

A dark comedy in which long-simmering tensions between two cousins come to a head at the funeral of their estranged great-aunt.

Six characters: 5 F, 1 M

Hilarity Ensues

A comedy about pirates, sports betting, and a first date gone very, very wrong.

Five characters: 1 F, 4 M

The Last Dance

This drama explores the intricacies of first love and first heartbreak as it asks the question: if love is a dance and two people are in rhythm, what causes the music to change? And who moves with the new beat and who fights against it?

Two characters: 1 F, 1 M

Connection: An Internet Love Story

A farcical look at being the first of your kind—in this case, an “internet baby” or a child born to two parents who met online.

Five characters: 2 F, 3 M

Two Can Keep a Secret (If One is Dead)

Because death doesn’t mean secrets are over, Meredith tries to keep secrets at her sister’s funeral—especially the one about her still being able to see her dearly-departed sis.

Four characters, 2 F, 2 M.

Full-Length Plays

Hadley Ever After

This three-act dramedy tells two coming-of-age stories set 100 years apart in the same location: that of Hadley Jones in 2006 and her great-grandmother in 1906.  Both struggle with being torn between love and family as they come to terms with what it means to be a woman.

Eight characters, 3-4 F, 3-4 M

All The Ways The Apple Could Have Fallen

A fantastical journey through space and time, this three-act comedy follows one couple on the brink of divorce as they attempt to discover who is at the fault—not just for the demise of their marriage but for all the evil in the world.

Fifteen characters, need at least 3 F, 2 M)

The Pink Cage

Dramedy along the lines of “The Vagina Monologues.” All female ensemble, can use anywhere from 7-12 actresses.



This half-hour multicam centers around Alexis Newmar, a young woman living in LA trying to figure out what to do next. Still devastated by the loss of her beloved grandmother (a once famous Hollywood star) and done with her Beverly Hills upbringing, Alexis moves into said grandmother’s apartment in the very liberal old folks’ home in which she spent her last years and starts a journey to change her life. Just as she embarks on the road to becoming a better, or at least different, person (much to the confusion of her lifelong friends), Alexis gets rearended by her past—literally.


This heartfelt single-camera comedy follows Annie Watson, a 24-year-old disgraced reality star who, in lieu of jail time, is sentenced to return to her tiny home town in Texas, move back in with her family, and get a real job.  A look at what happens to reality stars after the cameras turn off and real life resumes, this series explores the aftermath of exposure and what its like to live in a small town where everyone knows each other’s business and yours is on DVD.

Available film scripts

Texas Love Story

Told over the course of 27 years, spanning from birth to adulthood, this film follows a boy and a girl who felt they were meant to be together through the twists and turns of growing up. Faced with diverging paths, they reflect on how much they’ve learned with, and from, one another but find themselves wondering if they’re truly a match.

The Rom Comm

Both an homage to and a parody of romantic comedies, this film follows Bailey Bellomo, a long-time believer in true love who becomes disenchanted when she is stood up on top of the Empire State Building. But when she sets out on a journalistic campaign to destroy romantic comedies for the lies they’ve sold the women of America, she stumbles onto a massive conspiracy that might just change the world as we know it.

Emily Alone

When a young woman who has always jumped from one relationship to the next finds herself single for the first time in literally years, she realizes she knows nothing about dating. She turns to her friends and her sister in hopes of finding what—or rather, who—comes next, but discovers something else instead.